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Ideas Management in a new Work Environment


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ZI conference 1 – 3 March 2016: Ideas Management in new Work Environments

Presenter: Johannes Meyer, General Program Manager, HPI Academy GmbH, Potsdam


Tuesday, 1 March 2015 

from 14:30: Welcome drinks and registration


15:00: Opening address

Werner Schmidt

President, Zentrum Ideenmanagement, Frankfurt am Main

Board Member, LVM Versicherung, Münster


Christiane Kersting

Managing Director, Deutsches Institut für Ideen- und Innovationsmanagement, Frankfurt am Main


15:05: What’s new at the Zentrum Ideenmanagement?

•        Report on members’ meeting

•        ZI Benchmarks

Werner Schmidt, Christiane Kersting


15:30: Introduction to this year’s conference

•        Preview of our meeting

•        Organisational matters

Johannes Meyer


15:40: Getting to know the other delegates

Who is who?


16:10: Plaudits and keynote address: A look back on the Zentrum Ideenmanagement’s five years of existence

Work environment 4.0 as a new challenge for staff

•        Effects on Ideas Management

•        Consequences


Prof. Dr. Norbert Thom

Professor emeritus, Dept. of Organisation and Human Resources,

Bern University, Switzerland


16:40: Coffee and tea break


17:10: Keynote address: Leadership in digitalised work environments

•        The human factor: Employees as a resource of knowledge and ideas

•        New requirements for staff, the executive approach to leadership and corporate culture


Professor Dr. Swetlana Franken

Dept. of Economics, FH Bielefeld


17:40 Keynote address: Design-Thinking: Thinking in networks from the users’ perspective

•        From an encyclopedic approach to combining conceptual and working networks

•        Creative capacities of teams


Professor Ulrich Weinberg

Head, School of Design Thinking, HPI Hasso-Plattner-Institut GmbH, Berlin


18:25: Design Thinking Process as a quick exercise

Johannes Meyer


19:25: Debriefing Day One

Johannes Meyer


19:30: End of Day One


19:30-22:00: Dinner for all delegates


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

6:30: Jogging for the early birds


09:00 Good morning!

•        Debriefing: Day One

•        Briefing: Day Two


09:15: Design Thinking – Generating Ideas as a Team

•        Start of Team Design Challenge, incl. explanation and field research


11:00: Coffee and tea break


11:30: Team Design Challenge continued – How was it?

•        Warm-up and introduction

•        Synthesis of findings, generation of ideas


13:00: Lunch


14:00: Warm-up exercise


14:30: Introduction to ideas prototyping

•        Joint Presentation with another team


15:30: Coffee and tea break


16:00: Status report by members of the expert groups (EG) within the Zentrum Ideenmanagement

•        EG Technology, Software and Benchmark

Nils Landmann

Managing Director, HLP Informationsmanagement GmbH, Eschborn

Konrad Beer

Managing Director, IMB Consulting, Viehdorf, Österreich


•        EG International Ideas Management

Dr. Hartmut Neckel

Owner, Consultancy Dr. Neckel, Bonn


•        EG Corporate Culture

Markus Bock

Head of Knowledge and Ideas Management, K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Kassel


•        EG Modular CIP

Joachim Staudt

Head of proDH (CIP), AG der DILLINGER HÜTTENWERKE, Dillingen


•        EG Public Relations

Hans-Rüdiger Munzke

Owner, Engineering firm IdeenNetz, Lengerich


16:30 Keynote address: Ideas management and safety at work

•        Incentives for health and safety at work

•        Culture of prevention


Dr. Andreas Weber

Director Prevention, VBG, Hamburg

Patron of the action „Ideas shape our future“


17:00 Keynote address: Ideas Management in new Work Environments

•        Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow


Birgit Keis

Head Ideas Management, Sandoz International GmbH, Holzkirchen


17:30: Debriefing Day Two

Johannes Meyer


17:45: End of Day Two


19:15: Photo session with all delegates


19:30: Dinner and  Awards ceremony


Thursday, 3 March 2016

6:30: Jogging for the early birds


9:00: Good Morning!

•        Debriefing Day Two

•        Briefing Day Three


9:15 Part 1: Presentation

Rethinking Organisations ...

•        What shape will organisations take in future?

•        How much has already become reality?


Stefan Faatz-Ferstl

Evolutionary Catalyst, dwarfs and Giants GmbH & Co KG, Wien, Österreich


Julian Vester

Managing Director, elbdudler GmbH, Hamburg


9:45: Part 2: Hosted exchange

…What does that imply for us?

Interactive exchange among participants

Hosts: Stefan Faatz-Ferstl, Julian Vester


10:45: Brief presentation of Best Practice examples


11:00: Coffee and tea break


11:30- 13:00: Forum Best Practice – Information and Inspiration


1. Succesful International Ideas Management

* Prerequisites

* Stakeholder Management 

Birgit Keis

Head Ideas Management, Sandoz International GmbH, Holzkirchen


2. Most employees’ identification with their work is at an alarmingly low level: lessons from the Gallup study 

* How to identify your aims for ideas management on the basis of a checklist for self-assessment

* Validation of aims 

Boje Dohrn

Board Member, IBWF Institut e.V., Berlin

Gerd Zillmer

Managing Director, B | O | A GmbH, Menden


3. Focus on the individual 

* A good idea is always worth a meal

* Any change in corporate culture needs to take staff on board

Walter Tietze

Coordinator Ideas management, MANN+HUMMEL GmbH, Marklkofen


4. Ideas management as part of an integrated management system

* tapping synergies – creating added value

* overcoming boundaries – cross-border thinking

* increasing quality of ideas – motivating submitters 

Thomas Bernhardt

Head Integrated Management System, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. An enterprise of Fujitsu Ltd. Japan


5. Increasing capacity for innovation

* How to spot and overcome obstacles to innovation

Dr. Jens Uwe Meyer, MBA

Managing Director, Innolytics GmbH - Gesellschaft für Innovationsanalyse, Leipzig


6. Innovation network – a complementary tool for ideas managers?

* Strategies to turn ideas into motors of innovation

* Real life examples taken from networks for promoting innovation

Hans-Rüdiger Munzke

Owner, Engineering firm IdeenNetz, Lengerich


7. Employee participation as a model of a flexible corporate development 

* Finding the right starting point for lean management – taking the assembly line as a model

Jörg Knoche

Managing Director, Knoche Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Nenndorf


8. Merging tradition and Innovation for future success

* The future of urban communication behind glass fronts

Simon Cordes 

Business Development Manager, FRERICHS GLAS GMBH, Verden (Aller)


9.       Best Ideas Management 2016 

* Lessons to be learned from the winners of the Awards for „Best Ideas Management 2016“


13:00: Motivating closing address: Welcome to the lab „ Ideas management in the year 2021”

•        The entire ZI conference staged as a theatre performance!

•        Ideas management in new work environments – a speculation


An amusing look back, delivered with tongue-in-cheek humour by

Markus Berg

Elisabeth Ostermann

VitaminT – Theater und Training für Veränderungen, München


13:30: Concluding remarks and valediction

Johannes Meyer


13:40: Thank you and farewell address

Christiane Kersting


13:45: End of ZI conference 2016

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